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Fresh Drops

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New from Chill Medicated

2500mg CBD syrup!

Carefully crafted by chemists, our vegan syrup is fast-acting as it is water-soluble and CBD Isolate derived. Our syrup is sourced, produced, and tested in Michigan. The perfect complement to your favorite beverage? Look no further. Take one teaspoon and ingest under the tongue or dilute with your choice of soda, water, or other beverages. Wait up to 1 hour and increase dosage as necessary to reach desired effects. Store in a cool environment and keep out of direct sunlight to preserve potency and flavor.

New from Batch

Batch's all-in-one disposable vape cart is your key to on-the-go bliss. Elevate your travel moments with flavors that are quick, easy, and incredibly smooth. Whether you're exploring a new city or hiking in nature, Batch ensures your flavor adventures are just a puff away. Taste the Terps and savor the world with Batch All-in-One.

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